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A restaurant can be a place of exploration, a discovery of something different. It can also offer restoration, a feeling of genuine nourishment, and even homecoming – a place of connection within a community. At Gan Shan West, we seek to nourish you, our guests. 

We focus on a diverse array of Asian comfort dishes in a relaxed neighborhood environment. From Ramen to Rice Bowls, we invite you to dine in, eat at our outdoor courtyard, or take your food to go.

Our West Asheville restaurant changes seasonally (or sometimes simply inspirationally) while the Gan Shan commitment to a delicious, nourishing, and restorative food experience remains unwavering.

About Our Team

Eric Scheffer (owner), Ray Hui (chef)

In 2023, when founder and former owner of GSW Patrick O’cain wanted to exit the food and beverage industry, he turned to longtime friend and mentor, Eric Scheffer. A leader and driving force behind Asheville’s hospitality scene for over 25 years, Eric and his management firm, The Scheffer Group, took over operations of the restaurant to continue the legacy of Gan Shan. Eric is committed to uphold the quality and core standards of Gan Shan, and looks forward to continuing to nourish and serve the community which has supported the restaurant since its founding in 2017. To learn more about Eric and his team, click here.

Ray Hui was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida to Jen and Charlie Hui. He is a first-generation Chinese American chef who loves to cook and bring people together. Growing up, Ray’s parents were always in their restaurant, working hard so that he and his brother could have a better life than they had lived in China. Mealtime was precious family time where Ray learned about his family’s cultural roots and the ways that food can shape and influence our lives. Ray got his foot in the door of Asheville’s culinary scene as a line cook at GSW’s original concept, Gan Shan Station on Charlotte Street. Through his dedication and the guidance of the exceptional chefs and mentors at the restaurant, he worked his way up to Sous Chef and became the Chef de Cuisine of GSW at the start of 2020. His childhood memories, a deep love for cooking, and a passion for bringing people together drive Ray to continue to cultivate a menu that nourishes the community and honors his roots.

The Meaning of Gan Shan

Loosely translated, Gan Shan means Sunset Mountain, and it is named in honor of the mountain in North Asheville on which owner Patrick O'Cain was raised

The “a” in both gan and shan are pronounced ah, like ah hah! Gahn Shahn.

Naming the restaurant this way is a nod to the concept of Gan Shan as a whole. Our restaurant serves Asian food, adapted from Asian recipes, and using what we refer to as “the Asian pantry.”

Each of these things is true, but it’s equally true that the food is made by Western hands, interpreted through a Western lens, and with local Appalachian-grown ingredients whenever possible.

We recognize that our own cultural influences undoubtedly “change” the character and flavor of the food, and we like it that way. That’s because making, serving, and enjoying food are about relationships.